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ADUM4221 - High-Side isolation to GND and maximum Dutycycle


I want to use the ADUM4221 to control a H-Bridge with V_Bus = 110 V and V_DDB = 15 V with bootstrapping circuit as in the attached incomplete schematic.

Now I am not sure if the voltage of V_DDA = 125 V refer to GND_SEC is ok, because you write in datasheet (link below) under ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS: "... high-side voltages referenced to GNDA, GNDB, ..." and under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS: "VDDA and VDDB −0.3 V to +40 V".

Is that possible?

An additional question is the possibility to drive the right side of the H-Bridge (see in schematic) with 100 % Dutycycle?

Thanks a lot. echnical-documentation/data-sheets/adum4221_4221-1_4221-2.pdf