Want Help With Your Wide Bandwidth Signal Chains? ADI Precision Studio to the Rescue

Have you seen the Precision Studio Suite of online tools?  There are 7 tools available within ADIs Precision Studio, that enable you to design your signal chain measurement and drive circuits faster, these tools offer an in depth understanding of the associated performance associated, enabling a quick and easy way to optimize further to meet the design goals. 

Figure 1. ADI Precision Studio Front Page

 Use VirtualEval to evaluate converters using an updated and comprehensive database of Analog Devices converters, and to simulate product performance characteristics within seconds. The tool allows the user to configure operating conditions as well as device features, and provides performance characteristics including noise, distortion, resolution, FFTs, timing diagrams, frequency response plots, and more. 

 Use ADIs In Amp Diamond Plot Tool to quickly verify if your selected instrumentation amplifier can handle the required range of your input signal. Simple select the in-amp for your design, enter the key requirements for your design, from supply voltage, to common mode voltage range as well as the input voltage range of your signal. 

 Use ADIs Photo Diode Wizard to design a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) circuit that will work with your photodiode. Select from the list of photodiodes available, or add the key specifications of your own photodiode. Review the performance of the selected TIA design.  The tool allows you to quickly tweak the design to ensure it meets your requirements. When you are happy with the performance, you can quickly share results with a colleague, download the spice model for the design or order an evaluation board to start the next phase of your design journey. 

 Use ADIs Analog Filter Wizard to create active filters, select the filter type you which to design, dial in your key specifications. The tool can then give recommendations of products and configurations based on your requirements or you can quickly select your own devices and configuration. Review the key performance vectors from the drop down menus. When you are happy take your design to the next stage by downloading spice models, order evaluation boards or why not share your design with others to get their feedback on your design. 

 Use ADIsimDDS to model and illustrate the overall performance of your DDS device. The tool calculates the required FTW, given the reference clock frequency and desired output frequency. On top of that, the tool also models an estimate of the overall spectral performance and allows the user to explore the effects of external reconstruction filters.

 Use ADIs ADC Driver tool to quickly simulate and get an understanding of the performance of your selected ADC driver and ADC. Simply select your ADC and Driver, add your design requirements, and review the associated performance vectors of the design, from Noise and Distortion to the key information related to DC and AC input signals.

 Jump to the Precision DAC Error Budget Tool to review the DC performance and expected accuracy of your selected precision DAC in your signal chain design. Learn how static errors accumulate throughout the signal chain, and use the tool to quickly understand if your selected design will meet the error budget for your design.