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Voltage for SHDN and FAULT pins of MAX16050

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX16050


I'm studying datasheet of MAX16050, it looks like SHDN and FAULT have internally pulled up to ABP. I was wondering can I employ other voltages such as 3.3V or 5V to these pins? From diagrams on datasheet page 6 it seems 5V is acceptable to SHDN. If I use a voltage higher than ABP on SHDN and FAULT, any protection should I do on the external circuit?

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  • Hi Hailong,

    The MAX16050 EVKIT MAX16050 EV Kit ( has the FAULT pin connected to 5V Vpullup. FAULT is an open drain circuit and only needs a pullup resistor. 

    It is not confirmed if the SHDN pin is also an open drain but as you said, the diagrams on page 6 of the datasheet shows that SHDN can go up to 5V. I'm not sure if there is a need to connect SHDN to an external pullup. You may get the EVKIT and play around with it.

    Take note that the absolute maximum rating of SHDN and FAULT pins is 6V.