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Output Voltage of RESET pin of ADM811LARTZ

Hello support people,

I have a question about the output level of ADM811L RESET pin.

In the page-3 of ADM811 datasheet(Rev.G), spesification of minimum level of "high" output is wirtten as "Vcc x 1.5".

According to this, if I use 5V for Vcc, the minimum high output level is Vcc x 1.5 =7.5V .

I think it is not able to output 7.5V when I using 5V for Vcc.

I checked old datasheet revision 0 and revision B.

It is writen as "Vcc - 1.5" for High output level.

It seems the "Vcc - 1.5" is reasonable because it is not exceed power supply level.

Could you please teach me the meaning of "Vcc x 1.5" ?

Best regards,


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