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What is the meaning of "branding" in ADM6315 Datasheet?


As ADM6315 Datasheet, there are many kinds of Brandings like MDV,M9Q,MDU,M81 and etc.

But I don't know exact meaning of these.

Would you let me know the meaning of branding in ADM6315 Datasheet?

And also would you let me know the meaning of each elements (MDV,M9Q,MDU,M81 and etc) in Branding row?

Please refer ORDERING GUIDE in ADM6315 Datasheet and let me know these meansings.



  • Hi Se-woong,

    these are the markings on the plastic package of the device.

    as the package for these parts are too small to print the entire part number on them, branding codes are used to differentiate them from each other. so if you mix a number of different models of ADM6315 together, you can still tell what they are by looking at the three letter code printed on their package.