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LT8607 behavior during reversed input

I have a system where the output of my regulator may be held high when the system input voltage is absent - basically, exactly the situation mentioned in the LT8607 datasheet (page 15).  While I understand that this may cause the LT8607 to draw its quiescent current from the output (and this is OK for my system), my concern is whether this situation can cause the regulator to actually begin switching.  The scenario would be when an external voltage is applied that is higher than the target voltage (5V), causing more than 5V to be present on VIN.  I have run into this situation with another regulator, it would begin switching the low-side switch, essentially turning the regulator into a backwards boost converter, generating a very high voltage (>60!) on VIN.  I want to be sure that the LT8607 won't do this.