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LTC4001 Starting/Stopping

Hello!  I am working with a LTC4001 along with a Panasonic 20700 battery and am having some issues.  The part will start up and I can see the switching begin while the current ramps up to charge the battery - but then everything stops and the part resets.  If you probe the softstart line, it looks like a sawtooth with it coming up appropriately but then shutting back down.  Attached is the schematic.  I have tried dropping the input and output capacitors down to the 10uF minimums as well with the same results.  Hopefully its something dumb I have done, help!

Notes : I do not want temperature monitoring involved, I would like the battery to charge at 2A, and flag me that the charging is complete when the charge current gets to 80mA or below.

Thank you!