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LTC4001 Starting/Stopping

Hello!  I am working with a LTC4001 along with a Panasonic 20700 battery and am having some issues.  The part will start up and I can see the switching begin while the current ramps up to charge the battery - but then everything stops and the part resets.  If you probe the softstart line, it looks like a sawtooth with it coming up appropriately but then shutting back down.  Attached is the schematic.  I have tried dropping the input and output capacitors down to the 10uF minimums as well with the same results.  Hopefully its something dumb I have done, help!

Notes : I do not want temperature monitoring involved, I would like the battery to charge at 2A, and flag me that the charging is complete when the charge current gets to 80mA or below.

Thank you!

  • Hello,

    I do not see anything obvious with the schematic that would cause this. Are you able to monitor the VIN pin with an oscilloscope? It would be good to make sure it is not drooping down below UVLO, shuting off, and then turning back on when VIN pops back up with no load. What is the battery voltage when this occurs? Does the PROG voltage go to about 1.213V and stay their when charging?



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