Questions about LTM4622A

Hi AD team, please answer the following questions:

1. The LTM4622A datasheet says (in the Description section):

Fault protection features include input overvoltage, output overcurrent and overtemperature protection.

However, no explanation is given on the overcurrent protection mechanism. Hence the question: is the LTM4622A module output protected against short-circuit condition? If yes, how this protection works (shut-down with soft start upon short-circuit elimination, etc.) If the protection is implemented as output current limiting, then what is the current limit when both channels are paralleled, and the output voltage is in the range 4 to 10V?

2. Suppose the module is operating at 10V output, the output current being 1 to 1.5A (once again, both channels are paralleled). What happens if the external feedback resistor is instantly changed from 3.86 kOhm (corresponding to 10V output) to 10.6 kOhm (corresponding to 4V output)? Is it safe for the module to perform an output voltage transition in this way?

3. Will the LTM4622A module stay in production in the coming years?

Thanks in advance and best regards,