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Is the LT3476 LED appropriate for a color sequential application?

HUD's and other applications often use color sequential operation, that is, sequentially switching the R, G, and B LED's in a R>G>B>R>G>B pattern at rates up to 960 Hz.  This means the on times for each LED can be as short as 1 millisecond.  Is this type of operation possible using the LT3476?  I didn't see any mention of it in the datasheet or appropriate timing information in the specifications.

(Added after my original post)  For example, the data sheet describes the PWM1-4 inputs as follows: "Signal low turns off the channel—disables the main switch, reduces quiescent supply current to the channel, and causes the VC pin for the channel to become high impedance."  However, there are no timing parameters for this signal.  If the overall device response is fast enough, these inputs could be used for what I'd like to do.