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LTM8042 ICTL MAX current

I the datasheet, the only typical value is defined for ICTL.

what is the maximum ICTL?

I need to choose opamp which can sink ICTL current from LTM8042.

  • Hello,

    100 uA is the typical value because the minimum voltage of CTL pin is 0V and CTL pin is internally tied to 2V via 20k 1% resistor. So the maximum current of CTL pin is: (2V - 0V)/(20000) = 100uA (But you would like to calculation with resistor accuracy then (2V - 0V)/(20000 - 200) = 101.01uA ). I hope that it will help for You.

    Best regards,
    Adam Toth

  • What company do you work for and what's estimated annual usage of LTM8042?

    The 20kΩ resitor mentioned by Adam Toth provides high enough impedance of the CTL pin. You can drive CTL pin directly, then, by applying voltage between approximately 1V and 0V. If you need the buffer, though, you can use LTC6240, LTC2063 wired as voltage follower.