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Max sink current of LT8606 PG (Power Good) pin


What is the maximum sink current of LT8606 PG (Power Good) pin? Unfortunately, datasheet does not specify this value. I would like to use PG pin to discharge the remaining voltage after power off.

Thank you.


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  • Could you please explain a bit more.   The data sheet says the test condition is VPG = .1v, and the pull down resistance is 600 to 1200 Ohms.  It is not clear to me what is being specified here.  Is this the OC driver's collector to gnd resistance in the LT8650?  If so then .1v/1200 would be 83 microamps not tens of milliamps. 

    Thank you for any further clarification you can give.

  • 0.1VPG voltage is used for measuring current into PG pin to calculate the PG to GND resistance. You are correct in computation but that doesn’t mean PG can only handle ~100uA. For short time, PG handle higher current without damaging the part. For long time, it’s limited by thermal. Unfortunately we don’t have data for this MAX PG current. MAX DC current PG may be able handle should be between 1~10mA.