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LTC3261 load regulation problem

Hi ADI expert

My customer would like to assess LTC3261 for 12V to -12V with 100mA for PCI slot application

the required spec for load regulation is +-10%, however this spec cannot be found in the datasheet

May I know if ADI can provide the load regulation spec?



  • Hi Ken,

    In burst mode the LTC3261 regulates at 94%VIN at light loads. In continuous frequency the LTC3261 operates open loop to create -(VIN-VLoss) where the voltage loss is primarily do to IOUT multiplied by the equivalent open loop resistance (ROL). With a 12V input 500kHz Fsw, the voltage loss is about 2.4V with 100mA load.

    I do not know of a single part solution for a charge pump that will meet the +/-10% regulation spec off the top of my head. The LT1054 might be close but 2 in parallel would be needed to stay within spec.