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ADuM5230 in a static magnetic filed

I would like to use the ADuM5230 in a strong static magnetic field and would like to know if there is a limitation from the device in such environment that could be due to the any isolation core material

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    The response of the output channels of the ADuM5230 in a strong magnetic field is addressed in simulation in two figures in the datasheet, figure 17 & 18.  For a static magnetic field, you can look at the lowest frequency in the curves, which is 1KHz.  For example in figure 17 at 1kHz the ADuM5230 can operate up to an external magnetic field flux density of 100kgauss.  This is a very large field, and it shows how immune the ADuM5230 is to a magnetic field, which is due to the lack of a magnetic core structure, because the ADuM5230 uses an air core construction.

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