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Beware of ADM861x!! This """"watchdog"""" is worse than nothing!

I found that once in a few dozens of powerups ADM8613 locks in some dead state:

RESET stuck low forever, no matter that VCC is OK and stable.

Moreover, MR, which is input at all, stuck low as well!!!

In my design, MR is unconnected, which is legal according to DS (MR has pullup).

Tested with 3 ICs on 2 boards (one IC was resoldered).

In cases of normal startup, MR is stable high, and RESET generates reset as needed.

The only what I can add.... the oscillogrammes of MR when it locks.

You can see some 100 mV "ticks", strictly 20 ms in period (hello to the designers of this IC, you guys surely know what it is).