ADP1047 ZVS and PWM2 Output Pin


1.I plan to use the ADP1047, digital PFC controller at the boost stage of a power supply, the next stages are dc-dc and buck. I also want to synchronize those next stages.

Is pwm2 output pin fit for this goal?, what is it purpose?

Or alternatively, is it possible(and how) to use this controller to synchronize other stages?

2.It is mentioned at the datasheet of the controller(page 18 at the bottom) that " pwm2 output pin can be used

as the control signal for auxiliary switching in the zero-voltage transition soft-switched PFC boost circuit."

I saw at the ADP1047 Evaluation board main board schematic the configuration of  transistor Q2,inductor Lr and diode D19 ,is there an application note or any explanation of zero-voltage transition soft-switching in PFC boost circuit .



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