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im looking for a pfc for a new application

input voltage: 380Vac to 440Vac 50Hz.

output voltage: 700V. 750V is possible too.

output power 2KW.

switching freq: 200Khz.

we dont want to use interleave solution.


the main demand is PF>0.99 and THD<3%.

can the ADP1047 meed those damands?


can you provide the eval board or similar app THD and PF spread sheet results from 20%Load to 100%Load?



Dudu Dayan

  • And another questions:

    1. my application should comply with input frequency change during operation 45HZ to 65HZ. 

    At p.20 datasheet its written that ac line period is mesured at first 40ms of operation. 

    how does VAC_THRESHOLD_SET changed during operation. 

    if it doesnt, what is the effect for my  45HZ to 65HZ AC freq change?

    2. I tried to find the right place to control Missing AC Line Cycles, PSON Delay and Brownout Conditions (Datasheet P.23) in the GUI. does the gui support these configurations?


    Thanks in advance!

    Dudu Dayan



  • You need to refer to fig 17 below (or in datasheet) to see VAC threshold. Since it's difficult to detect zero crossings after the bridge rectifier the VAC_THRESHOLD will add a threshold voltage and depending on the timing when it intersects the rectified voltage it will compute the line frequency accordingly. So even if you have dynamic changes in line frequency you will be ok. 45-65Hz should not be a problem at all.

    For missing cycles see the VAC settings tab> Additional settings tab in the GUI

    For brownout conditions see Soft Start settings tab in the GUI

    Lt Comm Data

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