ADM7170 - Vout 1.2 V


I'm planning to use the ADM7170 as 1.2 V voltage source. According to the datasheet ordering guide table (page 23/23), the adjustable models (ADM7170ACPZ-R7 & ADM7170ACPZ-R2) are listed with an output voltage of 1.2 V.

As stated on page 16, every fixed version can be used as an adjustable one. So the "adjustable" model is the fixed one with 1.2 V, by connecting the SENSE pin direct to Vout and Do Not Install R2?

I'm little bit condused by the notation, as it seems every version is an adjustable one, and the "adjustable" one (ADM7170ACPZ-R7 & ADM7170ACPZ-R2) is the fixed one with 1.2V.

To sum it up, the models ADM7170ACPZ-R7 & ADM7170ACPZ-R2 are the fixed version with 1.2 V. Is that correct?

Is there any difference between the fixed models (1.3 V to 5 V) compared to the "adjustable" operated as 1.2 V source, by means of noise performence?