Are electrolytic capacitors required for Cout of LTM8055?

Regarding the LTM8055,

Table 1, on Page 10 of the datasheet, recommends the use of electrolytic capacitors for Cout for all combinations of input and output voltages. Is that necessary for stability or is it just perceived to be a more cost effective reservoir capacitor? For each case they list the ESR and I’m hoping that’s not a requirement.

There also seems to be an inconsistency between Tables 1 & 2 in relation to the type of capacitor called out (electrolytic) in Table 1 and the description in Table 2 (tantalum)

  • Hi,

    Low ESR electrolytic capacitors helps minimize the output voltage ripple at both steady state and load transient conditions. You don't need to use exaclty the same ESR.

    For the tantalum cap mentioned in Table 2, if you check its datasheet, for example the TPSC107M006R0075, it is a  Low ESR series, solid electrolyte capacitors as described.