How to implement CC mode operation for Battery charger application

Hi Team,

I had a look and detail study on ADP1046A and i want to implement in my project for Battery Charger application.

In datasheet they have explained CC mode operation in 30 as per below

In battery charger application, CC mode plays the major role until it crosses boost/bulk mode level. So please help how i can implement CC mode in ADP1046A. What are all the parameters to be updated in the tool.



Sureshkumar P

  • Hi Sureshkumar,


    I highly encourage you to download the GUI from website.


    Firstly, enter the sense resistor - in the example below it is 11 milli-ohms.



    Then go to the CS2 settings window and turn on constant current mode by turning on the switch (see highlighted switch in the picture below). The constant current mode threshold current will appear on the box to the right. In the example it is 9.8A based on the 11 milli-ohm sense resistor that was entered before.



    I hope it is clear now.


    Lt Comm Data.

  • Hi, 

    thanks for the info. I did small math for the output current settings for different current levels

    In our design, the maximum output current would be 60Adc

    1. Consider max input range of 100mV

    ADC Code = 100mV/(120 mV) × 4096  = 3413


    1. IOUT = (CS2_ADC_CODE/4096) × (FS/RSENSE)


    1. For 5mΩ shunt

    IOUT = (3413/4096) × (100 mV/5 mΩ) = 19.99A

    1. For 2.5mΩ shunt

    IOUT = (3413/4096) × (100 mV/2.5 mΩ) = 39.99A

    1. For 66mΩ shunt
    2. IOUT = (3413/4096) × (100 mV/1.66 mΩ) = 60.23A

    If I feed CS2_ADC_CODE as 3413 with 1.66mΩ, I can achieve 60A as the output current by CC mode operation.

  • Hi,

    How to increase the current limit to 60A. Am not able to edit CC mode value.

    In the tool, i have changed load line(mohm) as 1.72, but there is no change happen in CC mode.

    Please guide me.

  • Hello Sureshkumar,

    Changing the load line will not chance the CC value. Go to the setup window and change the Rsense to 1.5 milli-ohms. This should get you to 60A. This is for the CS2 range of 120mV. For 60mV range use Rsense= 1.5/2 milli-ohms.

    Lt Comm Data.

  • I highly suggest that you use the GUI and avoid hand calculations, though they are correct.