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LTC1695 operation temperature question


good day!

my customer want to know datasheet definition

as below

about operation temperature range and Junction temperature definition

a. Does operation temperature mean like room temperature or PCB board temperature ??

b. if iC is working, now we measure the package temperature. does it mean junction temperature ??

c. if room temperature out of spec operation temperature range 0 deg C to 70 deg C , could IC  work normally ? because EC table has a item thermal shutdown is 155 deg C.

  • The part will operate at 70C room temperature under normal conditions when mounted on a PCB as stated in Thermal Considerations sections of data sheet on page 14.

    At 70C ambient the output current has to be limited so that junction temperature of 125C is not exceeded. The junction temperature increase versus output current is shown on page 5 of data sheet.

    I hope that this helps.