LTM8049 output stability


I want to use the LTM8049 to generate 6.3V and 4.3 V from a 12 V input. According to the LTM8049 datasheet, a very large output capacitor is required for the lower output voltages.

At the moment I am using a 2 x 10 uF X7R capacitors at the 6.3V output and 1 x 47 uF X7R at the 6.3 V output.

My question: Is the large capacitance necessary to maintain stability in the LTM8049's output; or is the large capacitance needed to only filter the output ripple?

The 47 uF 1210 6.3V X7R's capacitance derates for increasing DC voltage. Is the derating capacitance vs DC voltage taken into account for the suggested capacitances in Table 1 on p11 of the datasheet?


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