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Need better documentation on configuring the LT8316 as a non-isolated buck regulator

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT8316

I am trying to configure the LT8316 as a non-isolated buck regulator.   My circuit is very similar to the example on the spec sheet, and provided in the demo board (which I have).  I want only to boost the power and the voltage --- 24V and at least 10W.

I have modified the demo board for 24V easily enough.   I made a board with larger FET, larger diodes, larger inductor for the higher current, and am having trouble getting the additional current out.   The spec sheet has extensive details for component selection for the flyback configuration, but nothing is said about component selection for the buck regulator.  The LTSpice model for the LT8316 appears very sensitive to the RC on the IREG/SS pin and on the sense resistor --- the sweet spot betweeen failure to startup and whipsawing to higher voltage out is very narrow, and I suspect the model is not accurate for the buck configuration.  Wiring the best solution from LTSpice in hardware fails to startup (output oscillates at a few volts).    My board is 4 layer, good ground planes, tight layout -- I have done quite a bit of switching PS design.  

Is there better info available on the configuration for the buck circuit?