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LTC4162 initialization and control via Linux

Category: Software
Product Number: LTC4162-L
Software Version: Linux kernel 6.1.22

I have a custom board with an LTC4162-L charger. I tried configuring it using DC2038A-A connected to PC and LTC4168 GUI software, with success.

Question 1: Is there any memory on the system, so I can't "flash" all the system I'm producing with a series of default parameters? It doesn't look like it is possible to do so.

If I can't store default values on system, when I change batteries on my system (won't happen often, but can happen), the LTC4162-L will be switched off and I have to reconfigure it.

I'm creating a Yocto based Linux distro. I will add the LTC4162 in the device tree. There are few options to configure at that stage, namely nomber of cells (although I configured them in hardware) and sense resistors' values. I can't set JEITA options, limits, alerts, ... I need to set them after the system boots, sending messages using the component driver. From a first read of the driver, not all settings are exposed (e.g. I don't see a set/get of JEITA parameters).

Question 2: How to configure all system parameters using the driver? Do I need to tweak the driver, or send custom commands via I2C?

Question 3: Is there a way to configure the parameters at kernel (device tree) level?

Thanks for your support