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MAX17524 EXTVCC maximum current ??

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX17524

for MAX17524 what is the maximum EXTVCC voltage ?? 

why Iam asking this is i have little confusion regarding EXTVCC maximum input voltage because ,

if we see the datasheet in recommended operating conditions they have mentioned the maximum EXTVCC input voltage as 4.84.

but again in page no.17 while giving a detailed explanation of EXTVCC they mentioned Vextvcc should not be greater than 24V .

now what is the MAXIMUM and MINIMUM EXTVCC input voltage ?? ( it is 4.84 or 24V ??) 

we cant take 24 V as absolute also , becoz again they have mentioned absolute voltage as 26V.


i was thinking to take 5V as power input to EXTVCC ,is it okay or i will face any issue??