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LTC3649 stability issue in forced reference voltage mode

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC3649

I am using the LTC3649 in circuit with the LT8364 step-up as 24 V to 37 V converter for the LTC3649 supply. The output voltage of the LTC3649 is set by OA output at the ISET pin in range of 0 .. 35V.

I found similar topic at ADI Eng. zone ( so I increase value of input capacitors (2x4u7 -> 4x 4u7 + 220u elit.) but the instability is still present and leads to failure of the LTC3649. There are well visible instabilities at the +36V supply rail. See scope screen below..

I tried to check the voltage at ISET pin but I did not notify any change with the ISET cap change from 10n to 100n. But I hope the "noise" from the OA output should not lead to LTC3649 failure.