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Trouble with LTpowerCAD capacitor entry

Category: Software
Product Number: LTpowerCAD II
Software Version: v2.7.4


I'm experiencing some bugs on LTpowerCAD capacitor selection.

If I double click a part, I get an error, and the part gets duplicated.

Not a huge problem, but I need to keep deleting parts.

This is the error message.

Also, I can't enter a new part without specifying the Diameter, even though there shouldn't be one entered.

Under All Parts, most parts don't have a diameter specified.

So my question is, is there anyway I can get about debugging/fixing this issue?

If not, is there any alternative way for adding/editing the User Part library?

 (Currently I am accessing it through the capacitor select button on the power design stage tab)

Thank you

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