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MAX15021: does Vout1 need to be greater than Vout2 in sequence mode?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX15021

I have multiple designs that use the MAX15021. My last design was having power supply problems, and I recall someone mentioning that Vout1 must be the largest of the two output voltages. The same design works flawlessly in the original design. I am planning on using it again for a third design...

The MAX15021 is used in sequence mode. Due to current requirements, I have the voltages chosen accordingly.

In both designs,

dc/dc 1:

V1 is set to 1v0

V2 is set to 1v5

dc/dc 2:

V1 is set to 1v8

V2 is set to 2v5

I sequence these as EN1, EN2 (part 1) then EN1 and EN2 (part 2)

Is there an actual app note or design note that specifies that Vout1 must be greater than Vout2?

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