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Why does the switch circuit short-circuit when an IC chip is soldered on?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ltc7151

The data manual of LTC7151 shows a typical application circuit as shown in the figure, which can achieve positive DC voltage input and negative DC voltage output.

So, I used it to draw a schematic diagram, as shown in the figure, to convert from 12V to -5.5V. After simulation, it was possible to achieve this, but there was a short circuit between -5.5V and GND in the resulting PCB board.

After investigation, it was not a problem with circuit board production or soldering. However, as soon as the chip is soldered, there will be a short circuit. Please help to see where the problem is with the circuit. Thank you tearfully.

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This is expected to have a short at the start as there is no voltage at the negative terminal but should go away after probing for a few seconds.

Can you try a quick diode check if it shorts both…