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Product Number: LTC700x

Dear Sir /Madam

I am looking for a high-side static driver for a battery switch application. I have chosen a the LTC7004 driver, but the gate driver sourcing / sinking capability doesn't appear in the datasheet. 

I have seen other LTC700x family member, but I couldn't find this information. I have seen the charge pump capability, but the driver maximum current.

How can I get the maximum sourcing / sinking current of the LTC7004?

I have found another thread here, but it has not answered so far (that post is more than one year old).

Please help me.

Best regards,


  • From an earlier LTC7001 (which has the same driver) post: "We specify the gate driver resistance (TG pull-up = 2.2ohms typical and TG pull-down = 1ohm typical, please see Data Sheet EC Table). We do not specify peak driver current, but it is approximately 1.25A pull up and 2.25A pull down. We specify the rise and fall times with 1nF and 10nF which could be used to estimate the peak driver current as well."