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LT3579 synchronization for positive and negative voltages?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT3579


I am planning on using two LT3579 DC/DC converters to generate ±17V power rails out of 3.0V - 4.2V input. The datasheet describes that the converters can be synchronized via CLKOUT and SYNC pins, and shows an example where converters can work out of phase to generate higher output voltage and current. 

In my application I am using a dual inductor inverter topology and a sepic converter topology to generate the power rails.

1) Is there any benefit in synchronizing the converters in this case?

2) If yes, the only line that needs to be connected to achieve this is the CLKOUT from the main to the SYNC pin of the subordinate?

3) As the converters turn on, they sip quite a lot of current. To limit the current, I could turn them on sequentially. I assume I need to fire up the main first and then the subordinate? And when powering down, the subordinate first and then the main?

Please see my suggested schematic below.