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Replacement for MAX6866UK17D3L+T

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX6866UK17D3L+T

We're using MAX6866UK17D3L+T in an existing design, but it has recently gone obsolete. I need a replacement that has:

  • A similarly long watchdog timeout (i.e. >60 seconds, but could possibly get away with something closer to 20 seconds)
  • Comparably low supply current (<5 uA ideally)
  • A voltage supervisor that will reset our MCU if the rail drops anywhere between 1.3 V and 2.0 V (supply voltage is 3.6 V)

A drop-in replacement would be great, but if we need to change the copper, better to do it now than later. I was looking at the MAX6746–MAX6753 family, but the supply current is higher than I'd like. Something in that family might be good as a last resort though.

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