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LTM8056 to charge Li-Ion battery pack (36V nominal/ 42V charging voltage)

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTM8056


I am searching for a suitable Module to charge a Li-Ion battery pack for an E-bike. The battery pack would normally be charged with a wall adapter delivering 42VDC/2A max. output. In my application there is an electric generator that will produce voltages from 4V - 24V. The Module shal allways convert this voltage to the desired 42VDC to charge the battery pack. It would be good if the charger can handle about 80W constantly to the battery pack, independat if there would be 4V as Vin or 24V.

From the datasheet I think the LTM8056 might not be a suitable solution as it needs about 30V Vin to supply 2A. But maybe I misunderstand this or someone has a better solution to my application.

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