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simulating output voltage LT8210 in LTspice

Product Number: LT8210

Hi, in LTspice I'm currently trying to simulate the output voltage of the LT8210 DC/DC converter in pass-thru mode. I want a the buck voltage to be 41V and the boost voltage to be 38V. I'm using the "LT8210 Demo Circuit - Pass-Thru Regulator for Automotive Electronics Systems with 99.9% Efficiency (3-100V to 12V @ 5A)" LTspice file featured on the product page of the LT8210 board. I have changed the board to try make it as close to the DC2814A-C evaluation board of the LT8210.

My problem is that the output voltage never reaches the pass-thru window with any given input voltage I have tried (from 20V to 60V). I have changed the the resitors according to the formula's in the data sheet:

This is my LTspice file any help would be appreciated.

LT8210 forum question.asc