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simulating output voltage LT8210 in LTspice

Product Number: LT8210

Hi, in LTspice I'm currently trying to simulate the output voltage of the LT8210 DC/DC converter in pass-thru mode. I want a the buck voltage to be 41V and the boost voltage to be 38V. I'm using the "LT8210 Demo Circuit - Pass-Thru Regulator for Automotive Electronics Systems with 99.9% Efficiency (3-100V to 12V @ 5A)" LTspice file featured on the product page of the LT8210 board. I have changed the board to try make it as close to the DC2814A-C evaluation board of the LT8210.

My problem is that the output voltage never reaches the pass-thru window with any given input voltage I have tried (from 20V to 60V). I have changed the the resitors according to the formula's in the data sheet:

This is my LTspice file any help would be appreciated.

LT8210 forum question.asc

  • Hello,

    Mainly, this is probably caused by the presence of the Rload value used. Remember that your output current limit is programmed by the RImon and Rsense resistor. From the simulation, since the output current is limited to around 3.9A, the output voltage across the load will only be around 12V so the desired output is not reached. Try adjusting accordingly or removing the Rload and observe the output voltage and start from there.

    Also check your R16 and C8 connection compared to the DC2814A-C evaluation connection.