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Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT3479EDE#PBF


Is there any layout guidelines to make it more thermally efficient design? 

  • Hi,
    can you please give some information on what you have and what you have done already?
    What is your load current and what is your temperature?
    Have you tested the efficiency of the converter?

  • Hi Alexxx,

    thanks for reply,

    I have done prototyping & evaluating the same

    my application uses standby current of 150uA, hardly get activated for 25 seconds that to with average current of 1A, peak current of 3A only for 50ms & peak current instances no more than 10 times with gap of 1.5 second

    system used in ambient temperature 25 to 30degC

    while evaluation facing one issue few board did not even go into switching mode & pass the input as output

    & few board boost the voltage by 2 to 3v, but unable to reach the required level

    let me know how to trouble shoot the same?