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LTC2933 EEPROM retention

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC2933IDHD


I would like to use LTC2933 in a product with 20 years life time. However, the EEPROM in LTC2933 only have a retention of 10 years. I have found several potential solutions and would like to share them here before we implement any requirements on product level.

Could you please confirm or dismiss following proposals for an increased EEPROM retention of LTC2933:

1. There is an equation in the datasheet to calculate an acceleration factor, decreasing EEPROM retention at temperatures above 85 °C. I have found two other cases in this Q&A zone where it is ok to use an acceleration factor less than 1 (LTC3883 EEPROM Retention and  RE: ADuCRF101 Memory Retention ). Would this be applicable also here (for temperatures less than 85 °C)?

2. Retention of 10 years only applies if EEPROM has been cycled less than 10000 cycles. Would retention increase if we were to cycle much less, e.g. 100 times? Also what is a cycle? Our idea is not to use I²C/SMBus commands during operation, only once during production.

3. I have compiled information from the datasheet and a technical article regarding the RESTORE_USER command, see attached picture. Yellow underlines indicates that RESTORE_USER is a write command and it accesses the EEPROM. During power-up we will make an intentional error which would be stored in the EEPROM. Does these actions reset the 10 year retention period?

4. Again in the attached picture, orange underlines. During power-up a restore is happening, does this restore have anything to do with "RESTORE_USER" and does this also reset the 10 year retention period?

Thank you


  • Hi Robin,

    I am the Apps Engineer for this product. Please see below our response for each item:

    1. It is also applicable for LTC2933 to use an acceleration factor of less than 1. The degradation in EEPROM retention would not be possible as long as the temperatures will not exceed 85°C (page 24 of the datasheet).

    2. It is possible for the retention to be more than 10 years if the cycle would be less than 10,000, but we cannot guarantee for how long would it increase the retention. The minimum 10 years cycle is already guaranteed by design even when the EEPROM has been cycled less than the minimum endurance of 10,000 cycles. The cycle they are referring to is the number of times a memory device can perform write/erase cycle before it fails to read back the proper data.

    3. RESTORE_USER is a type of write command that restores configuration data to the operating memory registers. This doesn't reset the retention period.

    4. It only restores the content or data on the EEPROM, but it doesn't reset the retention period.

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the answers on all of my questions, much appreciated.

    Best regards


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