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Ltm8055 parallel

Category: Hardware
Product Number: Ltm8055


I'm using two LTM8055-1 devices in parallel, like in the example on page 20 of the datasheet (with the lt1636 opamp). The only difference in my design, is that I didn't use any output Rsense resistors, because no over current or light load scenarios were expected (the load is constant, either sources with at least 2A current or not). The LT-Spice simulation worked fine, but in the real circuit the devices didn't start: the output is stuck on 1.8V. I realized that CTL and LL pins require Rsense to operate correctly, therefore the mentioned connection doesn't make sense. The question is: is there any way to make the circuit operate correctly without a layout correction (adding Rsense resistors)? For example, leaving the CTL of the slave open, leaving the Mode pins open or connecting to GND (with optional 0 resistors I've used..)? Thanks ahead, Max

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