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Maximum Current out the LT8652

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT8652

The LT8652 has an ability to control the maximum average output current out through Imon1/2. The datasheet discusses the selection of the resistor value to ground producing the maximum average output current. The current out of the pin is a fraction of the output current and creates the voltage produced at the selected resistor at the pin. This value is compared against an internal 1V limit which limits the maximum average output current? I would like to control a voltage at the Imon pin with a DAC featuring a digital ability to limit the average output current from a embedded processor. 

LTSpice simulations indicate this is functionality is possible, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Image of the simulation: LT8652 - red trace: output voltage blue trace: output average current green trace: moculation voltage aqua trace: power good 

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  • Hi  ,

    Since the IMON pins are just looking on the voltage on it, I think that would be fine as long as you will be able to see the actual output current (which in this case is a fraction on the…