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LTM4680 How to use LTpowerplay when using as dual phase single output

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTM4680
Software Version: LTpowerplay v1.9.0.0


I am using LTM4680 as a single 0.8V 60A output on my board, 

The circuit is working and 0.8v can be checked.

Please give me some advice for my below questions.

1.  Can I use LTM4680 with the default value in NVM when using it as a single output?  (my circuit is designed for two-phase mode)

     if not, could you tell me which register I need to change? 

2. When I use LTpowerplay to access the LTM4680, it can be detected, but the tool shows two separate outputs, 

   how can I make the tool recognize the LTM4680-2-Phase circuit?

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