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ADP7157 eval board input/output capacitance

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADP7157CP-04-EVALZ


the ADP7157 eval board uses a 10uF input/output cap. However looking up the data on TDK's website (via their DC Bias LTSpice model; I wasn't able to find a chart) it has a capacitance of -60%, or 4uF, at 5V voltage. 5V is well within the operating specs of the ADP7157, but the capacitance is way lower than the minimum capacitance in the datasheet.

The eval board works fine, but I'm confused about the actual minimum capacitance requirement.

Best regards,
David Kraeutmann

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  • Hi David,

    The datasheet values already considered derating. This is why the same component values are used on the evaluation boards. I recommend that you use the component values from the evaluation board as these are tested and working circuit.

    If you are calculating values for a specific application, you may want to consider derating and use a capacitor that provides the calculated capacitance at your programmed output voltage.