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ADP2302ARDZ-5.0-R7 burns at startup

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADP2302

Hello! As context: the board should be a power regulator for a flight controller. I'm using a ADP2302 to convert from 16v to 5v and then a LDO to convert from 5v to 3.3v. The following test was done without any load and without LDO connected to the ADP2302 and the board has been powered using a lab power supply using 16v 2A as input.

Every time when I power the board the voltage drop from 16v to around 3v and it uses all 2 amps, like a short, and the output is around 1v. And then the resistance between Vin and GND become 3 Ohms.

This is my second attempt to make ADP2302 work, the first time I thought that it doesn't have a reverse voltage protection and it burns because of the USB input so I've added one more diode, but I guess that was not the reason because I get the same results.

Is there something wrong with the schematic or with the chosen components?

L1 - MSS7341-872NLD (8.7uH)

D1 - SSB43L-E3_52T

C1 - 10uF X5R

C2 - 100nF X5R

C3,C4 - 22uF X5R