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LT8609 Sync pin

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Product Number: LT8609


I am using the LT8609 to produce 1.9V from Vin=3.3V.

I want the spread spectrum so I tie the Sync pin to INTVCC.

In the data sheet, it is specified that "Voltage on INTVCC will vary between 2.8V and 3.5V"

In the case of Vin=3.3V, I measure INTVCC=3.05V.

In the data sheet, it is written: "Tie to INTVCC or tie to a voltage between 3.2V and 5.0V for pulse-skipping mode with spread spectrum modulation"

My question is:

Since my INTVCC is 3.05V (lower than the 3.2V to 5.0V specification), can I still tie the SYNC pin to the INTVCC pin and will the spread spectrum correctly work?

Thank you for your help.


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on Sep 14, 2022 7:22 PM


This should still work.


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