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LT4250 Hotswap

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT4250


we need a circuit to understand that the input voltage has a correct value, If it does not have correct value, we need to detect it.

we use LT4250 for this purpose, but we do not need the current sensing of LT4250 IC,

We design the blow circuit, but the Power good signal does not work correctly, Can anyone know, where is the problem?

  • Hello,  It is better to use a voltage supervisor instead of a hot swap for your voltage monitoring application. I calculate UV rising threshold as 32.43V, not 43V. Double check the resistor values. Since DRAIN is shorted to VEE, PWRGD# should only depend on GATE. Probe GATE to see if it rises high and is within Vgh of dVgate (see datasheet page 5). C23 and C24 will add a long delay and can be removed. You can also simulate this circuit in LTspice.