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LT8610 Overcurrent Functionality

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT8610

Hi all,

I currently have the following circuit, which has been operating a 3v3 with peak currents of 1.8A and steady state loads of 300mA.

The load has recently been changed and the peak inrush load is now 2.4A for around 3ms and steady state around 600mA. This is causing the output to fall and the when the current drops to zero the regulator tries to recover. Getting caught in a cycle.

With an electronic load used to simulate the load. The current was increased to monitor overcurrent behaviour. Noting that the unit tripped at 1.3A and the output voltage fell to 0V.

The datasheet however has no mention of overcurrent behaviour of this type. The LT8610 should not trip but the current should ramp until the inductor current saturates and the switches limit the current. 

Is there anything i am missing that could allow this device to trip and turn output off at 1.3A from my circuit. I am starting to suspect a bad part.

Any help would be appreciated.