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Question about powerMOSFET of LTC3278

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Product Number: LTC3278


My customer was using LTC3728 in their system.

but unfortunately, powerMOSFET IC used around circuit of LTC3729 is EOL now.

So they are searching the replacement of powerMOSFET IC and want to get your opinions.

Please refer attached EVM schematic  and let me know your opinons about changing MOSFET ICs.

At this attached EVM schematic, Onsemi FDS6982ASs are used at MOSFET of TOP/BOTTOM gates.

But they wwant to change these device to Infineon IRF7907TRPBFs.

Q1) Would you let me know your opinions abour the feasibility of Infineon IRF7907TRPBF  at attached EVM schematic?




  • Hello,

    Would you let me know your status of this question?

    My customer wants to get your opinions by this week. (before Friday)

    Please let me know your opinions.



  • Hi  ,

    Thanks for reaching out! As to your question, I did a quick check and comparison of the suggested FET compared to the replacement. As per checking the important parameters that you need in the application is the same for the both parts such as the voltage and current rating. As for the timing and switching, the values are not that far and should be fine. With that said, I think you are good to proceed with the infineon part.