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Question about PowerMOSFET of LTC3729 around circuit

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC3729


My customer was using LTC3729 in their system.

but unfortunately, powerMOSFET IC used around circuit of LTC3729 is EOL now.

So they are searching the replacement of powerMOSFET IC and want to get your opinions.

Please refer attached their schematic  and let me know your opinons about changing MOSFET ICs.

In attached schematic, they were used Nexperia PSMN3R0-30YL at bottom gate(BG).

And they want to change thus device to Renasas RJK0328DPB-01 device.

At the TOP gate, Renasas RJK0305DPB-02 was used.

(At the both 12V to 5V and 5V to 1.0V blocks, all 2-phase are used.)

Q1) Would you let me know your opinions abour the feasibility of Renasas RJK0328DPB-01  at their schematic?





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