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LTC4162 SMBALERT output

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC4162


I build my own board with a LTC4162-S. I'm trying to configure the telemetry and SMBALERT output pin but it didn't work as expected, or I miss something in the datasheet.

CONFIG_BITS_REG(@0x14) = 0x0E (by configuration, and verified by re-reading it) : telemetry_speed = 1 and force_telemetry_on = 1

I'm expecting to have a new data set of measures every 11ms. My CPU is waiting for a falling edge of SMBALERT but it is always to 1.

regs 0x36 (LIMIT_ALERTS_REG) and 0x0D (EN_LIMIT_ALERTS_REG) are both equal to 0x8000 so SMB alert IRQ is enabled and pending but the physical open-drain pin is still at 1.

Due to low-light condition, my solar panel is weakly charging (Vin=14.8V, Vout=12V, for a 12V battery). However according to the datasheet it should not affects the SMBALERT behaviour.

Any suggestion will help

Many thanks

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  • Hi  ,

    Thank you very much for reaching out and for your participation in this community.
    I have contacted the ADI experts on this device to help respond to this query.
    We hope to give you an update…

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