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LTM4650A & LTC2971 application issue

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTM4650A LTC2971


I am ADI DFAE of Anstek from Taiwan,
My customer has one application that is Vin=12V/ Vout=1.4V~1.6V (use program control output voltage) / Iout = 300A.
So we will use the LTM4650A + LTC2971 in this application.
We have two issue as following:
1. I don't find the application circuit data of 12-phase 300A in datasheet, Could you provide application circuit of 12-phase 300A for me ? 
2. we use LTC2971 to Manage LTM4650A's output voltage, Is it suitable? If not, could you give us other suggestions??

If you have any issue, please let me know. Thanks! 
Best Regards 

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