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Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC3723


I am working on a DC-DC converter, I would like to use LTC3723, in order to have (9v to 46v) at the input and 

45v @ 300W at the output, this converter has to work with (12v or 24v nominals  300W) the main idea is to keep the power from the input till the output(300W)

My cuestion is:  It is possible to use this IC with this range of voltage?, as far as I know, this IC works with a 10.2 minumum voltage, so it is possible to use with this range?

If it is possible, How can I select the correct transformer for this application, I selected a possible transformer for this cuircuit, the number of part is:  PA0934NL is a planar transformer 250W has 4:7 turns and has a 200 to 700KHz of freccuency.

Could you please help me? 

Best Regards!